TInvaders ver. 1.0

Screenshot of TInvaders
Type: Shareware
Price: 9.99
OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Fast action game based on classics like space invaders, galaxians and Xenon, although there is nothing old about this game, HUGE weapons and bombs are at your disposal to help you wipe out loads of aliens in your battle to save the universe. Classic retro fun, with HUGE power ups and great end of section bosses. Terminal Invaders is a real blast! With massive weapons and wave after wave of nasty alien scum for you to show who's boss. Battle your way through each wave in a quest to rid the universe of all that's bad and save the world in the process. You are the last line of defense, our only hope... etc. More aliens than you'd care to meet in a dark alley await you in this retro blaster, just one wrong move will have you blasted into the cold dark vacuum of space so you'd better be on your guard. And if that's not enough there's a full online high score system to allow you to compare your universe saving talents against other players world wide. If you ever said 'just one more go' while pouring quarters into a video game then TInvaders is for you, recapturing that arcade feel on your PC. A real class act with all the best features from all those classic games. Download the demo now and remember to buy the full version once you complete the demo challenge to support independent games development.
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