BS Hacker - Replay! ver. 1.0

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Type: Demo
Price: 20.45
OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
2053, New York After the exponential growth of the Internet in the early 90's the original Internet degenerated in nothing more then a junk-place full of advertising,spam pornography ... no longer serving the purpose for which it was originally created. The failure of software developers to come up with something to stop all this, resulted in having a worldwide unusable network. In 2012, an alliance formed of the world's largest companies and governments created a whole new network infrastructure. The name remained unchanged. The downside of all this was that everything was subject to auditing before it made it to the public internet. People were no longer allowed to post anything on personal homepages, use software of their choice ... or even have an e-mail address. Designed to be a worldwide available free service, the Internet became a paid commercial service. Having no place to stay ... hackers created the switchnet. An underground network operated on the old wires and infrastructure which was abandoned when the new Internet was created. Their resources are poor and old ... but they still exist and live in a free network ... the SwitchNet. This could be a true story one day ... or is it !? Features - complex levels and gameplay to guarantee the best experience - optional freelance jobs to offer more variety - complex command console with over 20 commands and tools - advanced graphical display for image files - modding capability to allow the creation of custome levels - several ways to complete a mission, for great replayability - much more ....
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