Farmer Bob vs the alien menace ver. 1.0

Screenshot of Farmer Bob vs the alien menace
Type: Demo
Price: 9.99
OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Help Farmer Bob save his farm from the invading aliens in this mad cross between south park and operation wolf... Watch in wonder as you blast cute farmyard animals into a million bits in the name of peace with more weapons than you can shake a stick at including Uzi and TNT. You'll be amazed at the amount of devastating fun you'll get from this classic game. You wouldn't believe it if we told you but we'll tell you anyway, and it's true. There's a peace loving farmer called Bob, he rears animals, and he's very good at it. Then one night, in the lower field on the far side of the farm there's a huge explosion and a massive skid mark as the dastardly alien menace arrive to run amok and a-muck on poor farmer Bobs land. During the night they've brainwashed all the farm animals in the area, from ducks to pigs so there's going to be a whole heap of trouble when Bob finds out. You are Farmer Bob, desperately trying to save your livestock by brutally gunning them down in this classic arcade shooter in the style of Operation Wolf. If you ever laughed at Monty Python, or any of those recent video clip shows that have horrible things happening to innocent people for a laugh then you'll get a real kick out of Farmer Bob vs the alien menace, it's all good clean fun, no really, honest, as you blow seven shades out of the cute farmyard animals in this classic romp through Farmer Bobs livestock and lively hood. Grab your Uzi and gun those goats into oblivion as you work your way slowly through increasingly humorous and challenging levels to defeat the alien menace and destroy Bobs only lively hood in the process, what could be more fun? Not much, and we've looked hard to find alternatives and bring them to you. The simple truth is that this game is amazing fun, written by some very talented developers and artists. Try the demo now and remember, if you like the game please buy a copy to support independent games developers.
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