SnakesXP ver. 1.1

Screenshot of SnakesXP
Type: Shareware
Price: 20.00
This game for WindowsXP(it maybe will work on Windows2000) You can use instalation program InstallSnakesXP.exe It will make icons and shortcuts for you. Game will work for 3 days for free.After this you can by full version. This game for two people. Check your coordination!!!! Your snakes must eat aplles. Use 2,4,6,8 buttons to move right snake. Use w,a,s,d buttons to move left snake . If snake bump own body or body of another snake ----> snake will shrink:)..!! Player must move snake left or right to prevent this shhrinking. As soon as player move snake ---> snake will grow to normal size . So you not only eat aplles but block your opponent with your snakes body. Each round=3minutes. Best resolution 800X600. Press button 5 to start a new game. To exit from game use Esc button on your keybord. If you have any comments, or need instructions contact me. Enjoy!
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