ChessPartner ver. 6.0.4 Shareware24.77 MB
Screenshot of ChessPartnerChessPartner is a strong Chess game for beginners and advanced players. It has attractive 2d and 3d pieceses, a database, read and write PGN files. Plays online against opponents all over the world. Prints diagrams or whole games, has a large opening book, or create your own books. Can copy and paste games to your word processor. Analyses your games or positions, speaks to you, shows played opening name, score histogram, winboard, and more...
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Backgammon Classic ver. 7.2 Shareware3.88 MB
Screenshot of Backgammon ClassicThis version has a new 3D design, more strength, many playing options and an intuitive interface! Three different levels, from beginner to advanced, can extend your fun and improve your skills! Game or match play, statistical information, save/load a game, doubling cube, several checker styles and rating support for ten users are a few of our backgammon features.
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Wizword ver. Freeware1.37 MB
Screenshot of WizwordWizWord is a multiplayer game for up to four players. Use connecting letters in order to form words of up to 12 letters. The more letters the more points. Think fast because this is a timed game. You and your opponents will be competing at the same time with the same letters. To play with others, download The Lobby at www.tams11.com.com
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MakeFaces (For PalmOS) ver. 2.0 Shareware0.28 MB
Screenshot of MakeFaces (For PalmOS)MakeFaces was designed to allow children to have fun making faces on your PalmOS device. It's a handy way of keeping them entertained at restaurants, visits to the Doctor, trips in the car, just about anywhere. The interface is easy enough for very young children to learn quickly.How To Play: Children click eyes, ears nose, mouth, hair styles, etc. to create funny faces. There are 32,768 face combinations that can be created.
More InfoFREE Download
2010 Backgammon ver. 5.02 Freeware1.73 MB
Screenshot of 2010 BackgammonThis backgammon game has realistic OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics - you can view the board from any angle. You can play against the computer or with your friends and there is an online system to play against thousands of players worldwide. It features neural networks based AI with 6 skill levels.
More InfoFREE Download
Mancala ver. 1.0 Shareware4.6 MB
Screenshot of Mancala“Mancala” is a general name which applies to a group of very old Asian and African games in which stones or seeds were moved from cups on a game board or holes in the ground. Rules of play vary from region to region. A great counting game, Mancala requires strategy and patience.
More InfoFREE Download
Mahjong Escape: Ancient Japan ver. 1.0 Shareware10.5 MB
Screenshot of Mahjong Escape: Ancient JapanEscape to the land of the rising sun! Relax & play the second game in the hit series Mahjong Escape! Your tile-matching adventure begins over 10,000 years ago in Ancient Japan. Match the Magic Gold tiles and travel through 12 Japanese eras, unlocking wisdom to collect the lost Emperors' treasures. Play over 200 all-new and totally unique levels, with 20 gorgeous hand-painted backgrounds. Escape to Ancient Japan today!
More InfoFREE Download
Ronin: Spirit of the Sword ver. 1.0 Freeware1.96 MB
Screenshot of Ronin: Spirit of the SwordRonin: Spirit of the Sword is a professionally made adventure/role-playing game. In it, you must take on enemies and other samurai, as well as dodge enemies and meet pretty girls. You have the option of having adult mode on or off, and you can change the difficulty. As you'll advance you'll get more inventory, spells, attack level and health.
More InfoFREE Download
Shredder Classic ver. 3 Shareware7.4 MB
Screenshot of Shredder ClassicShredder Classic is a professional computer chess program by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, the twelvemes world computer chess champion. It combines extremely powerful play with easy handling. The play of the program can be variably adjusted to any strength, so that everyone can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions for analysing one's own games as well as a built-in coach, who is alert of one's mistakes, help to improve your play.
More InfoFREE Download
Starlancer Six ver. 1.13 Freeware20 MB
Screenshot of Starlancer SixThis little game is about Kita Hoshiko, the first of six Starlancers and the only hope the world has of stopping the evil and vicious queen Auvrie. Jump in and see if you can help her save her homeland!
More InfoFREE Download
Ara Fell 2k3 ver. 1.50 Freeware39 MB
Screenshot of Ara Fell 2k3A traditional role playing game that emphasizes atmosphere and aesthetics, as well as fun gameplay and a well-told story. Music was gathered from all over the web. Some songs may be familiar and some not. All part of the charm!
More InfoFREE Download
Cards Black jack online game ver. 10 Freeware0.01 MB
Screenshot of Cards Black jack online gameMake black jack cards one line. How to play black jack and where to play black jack or roulette in malta at ... Blackjack is a card game which is also popularly known as twenty-one. Black jack is a great card game, unique from all others. How to play Black Jack. – A summary of the rules of the game ... Black Jack is a card-based table game.
More InfoFREE Download
Escaping Atlantis ver. 1.0 Shareware10.5 MB
Screenshot of Escaping AtlantisHelp Oceana escape Atlantis. She will have to go warn her father about her aunt’s evil plan to take over the kingdom. Use your puzzling skills to collect gems, unlock scrolls, and search for hidden clues in the exciting find-and-seek levels. Featuring addictive game-play, powerful and magical power-up gems, and fun for all the family!
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Wonderland Adventures ver. 1.00 Demo19.21 MB
Screenshot of Wonderland AdventuresExplore a magical world filled with puzzles and adventure, meet and interact with other characters and creatures, and unravel a mystery that is threatening Wonderland's existence. Features cheerful 3d graphics, a variety of puzzle challenges, and a story that is split into one hundred mini-adventures, enabling you to enjoy the game one coffee break at a time.
More InfoFREE Download
GreenChess ver. 1.0 Shareware1.3 MB
Screenshot of GreenChessGreenChess is the logic game (Chess). You can easily improve your chess skills and have fun. GreenChess offers: * Game with an Artificial Intellect (AI). You can play any color. * Change the appearance and interface of the program and change the AI difficulty. * Save and to look through a log of game. * Allows you to save the current game and play it later. * Teaches you better moves. ... etc.
More InfoFREE Download
3D Backgammon ver. 1.6 Shareware0.73 MB
Screenshot of 3D BackgammonBackgammon 3D is a 3D visualization of a classical board game - Backgammon. Now you can play with your computer not only on a flat screen, but also enjoy 3D operations - rotating the board, looking at the board from the side of your opponent, and other cool features
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World Dominoes Series ver. 2.3.1 Shareware5.49 MB
Screenshot of World Dominoes SeriesWorld Dominoes Series is a realistic and challenging collection of 20 dominoes games such as Bergen, Block game, Muggins, Five Up, Sebastopol, Sedma... The game also features 3D graphics, players with their own tactics and voices, original and custom sceneries, music from CD or from audio files. If you thought dominoes were a too simple and boring game, you were wrong!
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Serious Backgammon ver. 1.32 Shareware1.67 MB
Screenshot of Serious BackgammonA comprehensive backgammon game including Acey Deucey and Gul Bara. A choice of challenging computer opponents, many features & options. Extensive choice of rules including domino backgammon : a new variation that replaces the dice with dominoes and allows players to think ahead instead of relying on the roll of the dice. Now includes seven extra backgammon variations and four backgammon challenges. Shareware from Tower Software.
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OlmiChess ver. 2.63 Shareware0.11 MB
Screenshot of OlmiChessOlmiChess is a Pocket PC program, allowing you to compete with real chess-lovers via the Internet, using a popular public server FICS (Free Internet Chess Server). Any kind of Internet connection is supported - cradle, modem, WLan, cellular phone, GPRS-modem etc. Play whenever you want to, at any day and time this popular server has hundreeds of players online. Choose, whether you would like to register at the server and enjoy the game plus various special features or play the game using the guest entrance.
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Aveyond ver. 2.3 Shareware23 MB
Screenshot of AveyondFight monsters and explore a medieval world. Aveyond is packed with 60 spellbinding quests, tons of places to explore, and fun! Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger & Dragon Warrior fans will love Aveyond!
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