Prestige Casino ver. 6.0 Freeware25.68 MB
Screenshot of Prestige CasinoEuropa Premium American Roulette - download and play. No installation needed. The object of the game is to predict where the ball will come to rest on the Roulette wheel.
More InfoFREE Download
Lotto ver. Shareware2.34 MB
Screenshot of LottoSimple software for dedicated lotto players wanting to increase chances and to be organized while playing. Probability is increased by observing history of previously drawn numbers and artificial network is maintained for each particular lotto system. There is a reasonable increase of guess rate obtained using Neural Networks with Back Propagation learning method. This lotto software is unique approach, don't shorten your losses, play smart.
More InfoFREE Download
Poker Challenge ver. Shareware1.04 MB
Screenshot of Poker ChallengeThis enjoyable, easy-to-learn card game cleverly blends the rules of poker with solitaire. The object of the game is to identify poker hands within a deck of cards that has been dealt and evenly spread out face up. Once a hand has been marked to play, the cards that make up the hand are removed, points are awarded, and any cards above them fall down to take their place. (The game's screen shot shows an example of the concept).
More InfoFREE Download
BVS Video Poker ver. 3.0.1 Shareware7.12 MB
Screenshot of BVS Video PokerAn enjoyable game that simulates video poker gambling machines. It features the most commonly found machines in casinos: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, and more. BVS Video Poker can also be used as a teaching tool. It trains you to use the best long-term strategies when playing video poker.
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British Bingo ver. 1.47 Freeware0.31 MB
Screenshot of British BingoPlay a friendly game of 90-ball bingo with 3x9 boards. Runs in your browser. Written in Javascript. The game simulates the other players. Players make mistakes. They forget to mark numbers and mark the wrong numbers. Players chat, maybe saying they only have a few numbers left, or telling you when you have forgotten to mark a square. Players leave and join and re-join. You can hear the players and the caller talk. You can have over 300000 players
More InfoFREE Download
SamLotto ver. Shareware12.28 MB
Screenshot of SamLottoThe great lottery software SamLotto since 2003 and continued strong. SamLotto software works with all the lotto lotteries and supports 220 lotteries from 62 countries.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
BVS Solitaire Collection ver. 7.9 Shareware11.4 MB
Screenshot of BVS Solitaire CollectionA collection of 499 multi-featured, very different solitaire card games to play. You will be able to learn solitaires not found elsewhere. You can modify rules of almost any of the included games, thus creating your own solitaire variation. BVS Solitaire Collection gives you the plethora of statistical and scoring screens. And you can publish your personal statistics on the BVS Solitaire Collection web site to appear in the top scores list.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
FunTowers ver. Demo16.48 MB
Screenshot of FunTowersThe cardgame Fun-Towers is a popular cardgame. for young and old. 24 levels with growing difficulty, cards in sequence bonus, level complete bonus, time bonus, time left bonus, cards left bonus, extra life, bonus level, hiscore, high run hiscore, training-mode, joker, and much more... Goal of the game Fun-Towers is to remove all cards from the field. To remove a card it's value must be either higher or lower as the one card beside the stack.
More InfoFREE Download
Analysis Lotto ver. 3.8 Shareware1.3 MB
Screenshot of Analysis LottoWhich seems like the better bet to you: 6 lotto numbers from 50 possibilities ... or 6 numbers from only FIFTEEN? Let Analysis Lotto show you how to pick winners for ANY lotto or keno game from a mere handful of numbers! Use any of 8 systems - including our unique Delta system - to analyze drawings and guide you to winners. Insightful graphs and reports. See at a glance which numbers are hot or cool - even which numbers are GOING to be hot.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Poker Mavens ver. 5.00 Shareware3.04 MB
Screenshot of Poker MavensPoker Mavens is a play-money poker software system that lets friends, family, co-workers, club members, or even the general public play Texas Hold'em and Omaha against each other over the Internet or a local area network. Both ring (cash) game and tournament formats are supported. As the game administrator, you can run a private server, a public server, or a combination system with passwords on selected tables.
More InfoFREE Download
123 Free Solitaire - Card Games Suite ver. 10.3 Freeware7.23 MB
Screenshot of 123 Free Solitaire - Card Games Suite123 FREE Solitaire is an exciting collection of many different Solitaire Card Games that features good layout, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, and good help. 123 Free Solitaire includes twelve great solitaire games: Diplomat, Flower Garden, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Golf A-K, Klondike, Klondike by Threes, Pyramid, Spider, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suits and Yukon.
More InfoFREE Download
XM Solitaire ver. 1.6 Freeware0.04 MB
Screenshot of XM Solitaire200 card games (Freecell, Klondike, Fan, Spider, Pyramid, Gaps, ...). Games layout and rules are declared in XML format. User can add his own cards and background BMP images. Right-click moves a card to the most suitable cell according to game rules. Double-click moves a card to a free cell. Whole column can be moved if you have enough free cells. Features: resizeable window, statistics, score, time, unlimited undo, redo.
More InfoFREE Download
Pidro Challenge ver. 2.5.0 Freeware1.27 MB
Screenshot of Pidro ChallengeThe Pidro Challenge card game is a game of daring and skill. You and your computer partner play against two computer opponents. After a round of bidding the highest bidder chooses the suit to be played. Dare and succeed or fail and be penalized. Easy to learn but with endless variation, this game offers hours after hours of fun and clever gameplay.
More InfoFREE Download
Texas Holdem Video Poker ver. 2.0.04 Freeware13.43 MB
Screenshot of Texas Holdem Video PokerTexas Hold'em Video Poker is a single player poker game that combines elements of Video Poker with Texas Hold'em twist. Select one of 5 pocket pair to the flop and watch as the turn and river reveal the actual winner. Each pocket pair is labeled with the % rank relative to all other 169 pairs. And an accurate % winning chance for each pair to the current flop is also displayed. One of a kind Texas Hold'em Video Poker game original design.
More InfoFREE Download
Solitaire Games Collection ver. 1.2.01 Freeware0.12 MB
Screenshot of Solitaire Games CollectionFind the best collection of free solitaire card games ever made for android gadgets. Easy to play, simple interface, well disposed, wonderful graphics... simply awesome. Attempt it and you'll cherish it! Solitaire Collection is a gathering of solitaire card amusements including the most well known and fun solitaire card recreations like Spider (one, two or 4 suits), classic Klondike and FreeCell, new Scorpion version, Piramyd and more.
More InfoFREE Download
jSol for PC ver. 5.0 Freeware2.78 MB
Screenshot of jSol for PCjSol is a Card Game Solitaire Collection. Current version is 5.0, with more than 100 games (Klondike, Free Cell, 40 Thieves, Yukon, Gypsy, Canfield, Spider and many others). New version 5 has been completely redesigned. New look, new cards, new options.
More InfoFREE Download
Tri-Towers ver. Demo14.35 MB
Screenshot of Tri-TowersThe cardgame Fun-Towers is a popular cardgame. for young and old. 24 levels with growing difficulty, cards in sequence bonus, level complete bonus, time bonus, time left bonus, cards left bonus, extra life, bonus level, hiscore, high run hiscore, training-mode, joker, and much more... Goal of the game Fun-Towers is to remove all cards from the field. To remove a card it's value must be either higher or lower as the one card beside the stack.
More InfoFREE Download
Wutch ver. 1.4 Shareware3.99 MB
Screenshot of WutchWutch is an unusual card game that involves matching picture cards in various combinations to score points. You (a mere Human) must play against two Computer opponents. The ultimate winner of a game is the player who has collected the most money from the other two opponents. Wutch is initially quite easy to learn, with visual cues and all game actions controlled with just mouse clicks, but mastering the intricacies of the game is challenging.
More InfoFREE Download
Bar Dice ver. 7.0 Freeware5.64 MB
Screenshot of Bar DiceIt is a dice game using android motion sensor and 3D graphics. You shake your phone and the dice cup will shake too. The dice keep rolling inside until you stop. After you open the dice cup, the final points will be displayed. You can also change the background scene and the cup material. It is a funny game in bars with your friends and family.
More InfoFREE Download
Sorceress Solitaire for Windows ver. 1.0 Shareware12.73 MB
Screenshot of Sorceress Solitaire for WindowsA fun and exciting new way to play solitaire games- with potions! Shuffle, Reveal, Burn cards, and more!
More InfoFREE Download
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