Arrows for Smartphone ver. 1.0

Screenshot of Arrows for Smartphone
Type: Shareware
Price: 5.55
OS: Windows CE
There is a field - 6x6 cells. Each field can be empty or contain a colored brick with arrow on it. Arrow direction depends on the bricks color (or vice-versa). You can manipulate these bricks: press action button to move it accordingly to it's arrow direction. Groups of two or more bricks having the same color disappear, but each turn some new bricks come to the field. Destroy bricks to earn points. The goal is to earn as much points as you can. The game ends when there are no empty cells left on the field so it's impossible to place incoming bricks on it. Features: - high-quality fullscreen graphics; - animated arrows; - nice sounds; - highscore listing; - clear helpscreens with game instructions and control; - saving of the game before exit; - if you don't make a move within 10 seconds, the button shows on the screen. On pressing right softkey you are given a hint in the form of blinking arrow.
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