BePuzzled ver. 1.0

Screenshot of BePuzzled
Type: Shareware
Price: 14.99
OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Be-Puzzled is the perfect puzzler for the spare moments in your life; with its clean-cut graphics and addictive gameplay it will keep you coming back for more. Its various different modes and levels of difficulty will mean you’ll never tire of this glorious puzzle game. Be-Puzzled will have you clearing level after glorious level of the cutest smiley faces in the world by linking them together and then watching them explod into oblivion, don't tell the authorities though as we're not sure it's fair on the little dudes. Be-Puzzled includes 4 modes of play from Arcade and puzzle through to tournement modes against some of the meanest artificial intellegence in the gaming industry. The numerous modes of play have they're own high score system broken down by category and difficulty. Bepuzzled has so many game options we couldn't really categorize it using our Brains/Brawn/Box rating sytem as the game ships with Standard, Continuous, Puzzle and Challenge modes some of which are puzzle and other play so fast we could only describe them as manic arcade action. This one is definitely going to keep you busy! If you like to dip into a puzzle game every now and then or if you're someone that enjoys a quick game of solitaire then download Be-Puzzled and give it a go, we don't think you'll be disappointed in the least. Remember to buy the full version if you like it to support our independent developers from around the world.
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