Rose King ver. 1.5.0

Screenshot of Rose King
Type: Freeware
Price: 0
OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
It is the game of blooming flowers and building lines (rectangles, crosses, corners, snakes, trapeziums, shoes ... - 24 figures). There are hundreds additional pictures and several colour backgrounds. Rose King contains three games: 1)Rose Figures - assembly shapes such as lines, corners, crosses, etc. 2)Rose Puzzles - build the flower beds. 3)Rose Rows - construction of lines by means of complex geometries of exchange between cells. Modes of Rose Figures: 1)Simple lines - classik. The aim of the game is to get pleasure from the flowers and to gain maximum scores. 2)Double game - building two or more figures in succession. 3)Limit time - 5, 10, 20 min. 4)Buy time - in the end of game player may buy 1 minute additional time. Price is mean number of points for 1 minute. 5)Buy flowers - player may buy flowers in hard time to finish figure. Price is 10% of sum of points. 6)Pick up flower - remove flower with right button to finish building figure. A fine is 10% of sum of points. 7)Carousal - changing of building figures. 8)Assortment - building any figures. 9)Hot point - a last flower when you finish to build 10)Two flowers - build figure of any two different flowers. 11)Five flowers - build figure of any 5 flowers. 12)Two flowers (alternate) - build figure alternate of two different flowers 13)Kid game - building figure of any flowers. New flowers appear: 1)Classic Mode - after player moves. 2)Time Race - flowers appear in equal time intervals - 4 or 7 sec. 3)Manually Mode - flowers appear after pressing of Space Key. For children and for fun. Modes of Rose Puzzles: 1)Quantity of flowers in flower-bed, 1-3 items. 2)The choice of flower-bed, 7 items. 3)Arcade playing 'Penalty points', 16 items. 4)Exchange mode how cells will move, 18 items. Modes of Rose Rows: 1)Rows or columns. 2)Quantity of flowers in length, 6 items. 3)Quantity of polytypic flowers in line, 4 items. 4)Quantity of rows, columns, 4 items. 5)The cell exchange modes, 2-9 cells exchange, 18 items.
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