jalada Hamia 2 for Android ver. 2.1.0

Screenshot of jalada Hamia 2 for Android
Type: Freeware
Price: 0
OS: Android
Download this free Sokoban styled 3D puzzle and logic game for Android, and meet Hamia, the cute Eskimo, and accompany him by his journey through fascinating playgrounds full of ice cubes. Your mission is to help Hamia pushing ice cubes around a playground onto the designated squares without getting stuck. Work your way sequentially through all wonderful challenges. Each challenge has a different structure, which requires a new solution - often with a new strategy as well. The magic of the game is that items, which are out of the way on one move, might be in the way on the next move. During game play your time and needed steps are measured. However, it doesn't matter, how many steps you need or how fast you solve a level. It is just a hint for you that you can use to check yourself or for comparisons with other players. jalada Hamia 2 is completely free to play but has some ads to support the development. This special edition of Hamia 2 features: + Wonderful challenges for hours of great game play + Special designed to maintain your mental fitness + Nice Music scores and effects + Different camera perspectives + Simple to learn + 3 categories of difficulty + Top scores saved for all levels to watch your success + Perfect for beginners and experts alike + No In-App Purchases, all is included Visit http://www.jalada.eu if you need support or more information. Or if you would like to share your experience, or discuss with other players or the developers, then our community page on Facebook is the right place for you: https://www.facebook.com/jaladaGmbH Have fun playing jalada Hamia 2 and enjoy the challenges.
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